Installation return to TS-140

Simple Installation Instructions: You may want to look at the following pictures before starting the installation:

  1. Remove the bottom cover from radio.
  2. Install the new IF-10A/B/C board in the back corner of the chassis. Use the 4 supplied #4 sheet metal screws to secure the board in place.
  3. Install the two pig tail connectors onto the plugs marked CN8 and CN9 on the TS-140 system board.
  4. Slip the RS-232 ribbon cable down the side of the radio. The ribbon cable, with its heat shrink strain relief will exit the back of the TS-140s case in the vicinity of the antenna connector. There is a recess in the sheet metal in this location which will allow easy exit of the ribbon cable from the chassis.
  5. Replace the bottom cover.
  6. Note- As shipped the IF-10 A/B/C board is set up for 4800 Baud. Be sure your interface software is set appropriately. The serial interface will respond to the following command


    with a data string indicating frequency mode ect. You can use PROCOMM, hyperterminal ect to verify this functionality.
  7. Play, lots, with your newly computer controlled TS-140.