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ICOMPROM ICOM Non-Volatile RAM Module

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Price: $78.00

Weight: 0.5lbs

Date Added: Saturday 21 May, 2005
If you have a Icom IC-751 or IC-751A transceiver you probably know that when the internal battery gets weak the transceiver stops working! PIEXX has ... more info
IMP-22K Low Cost Battery operated Slave Clock Impulse Driver

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Manufacturer: Piexx

Price: $89.00

Weight: 1lbs

Date Added: Saturday 07 May, 2005
The IMP-22K Impulse Driver will run your Standard Electric, Brille, International, Stromberg, Solari Udine Cifra 6 Flip Clock, Synchrome or Gents ... more info
LCDEncoder / Case

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Model: LCDEncoder&Case
Price: $71.00

Weight: 0.6lbs

Date Added: Wednesday 26 February, 2014
Now the LCD Encoder is available with a sheet metal case! If you are like me, you hate looking up dipswitch settings for your CTCSS tone encoder ... more info
TS930SE Microprocessor Upgrade

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Price: $299.00

Weight: 2lbs

Date Added: Saturday 21 May, 2005
TS-930SE Upgrade Digital Board. Our all new TS-930 digital board solves the problems associated with the original digital board, plus adds ... more info
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