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TS930SE Microprocessor Upgrade


WOW! PIEXX Engineering beats all! My TS-930S has a new life! I acquired my 930 last year from the original owner for free. He had it since 1984 and seemed to have problems with it beginning in the early 90's. By the time I received the rig it was in pieces (Heathkit comes to mind) in two cardboard boxes. Many of the documented modifications had been done. My rig is in the 4 million range, away from most of the early defects.To make a long story short, I reassembled it, made a few repairs here and there and went completely through the microprocessor and fired it up. Voila! - it worked FB and had been fine until a couple of weeks ago. During a QSO on CW I experienced a 120% meter pin and no display. I turned off the power switch and then turned it on again. It came back to life and I was able to finish the QSO. Last weekend I went through some known steps for repair and all checked out fine but I reworked the PS and all involved. I then set it aside and decided to order the PIEXX Microprocessor board. I installed it on Sunday and WOW !!! What a radio I have now !!!! Nothing like a great working 930S !!!!!
Date Added: 09/25/2015 by Peter Dehman
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