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ICOMPROM ICOM Non-Volatile RAM Module


My 751 died and only showed a display in the 600 Mhz range. I found this product after some research on the 751. Got here fast, they sent it priority shipping. Instructions were great. I had an issue when I removed the old board and one pin got slightly bent. I didn't notice it and installed the new board and got a frequency of 0.000.0 Contacted Chris through the website and within 12 minutes had a response of what was probably causing the problem and what to look for. Fixed the pin and my paperweight is now a fully functional radio. If you have a 751 or 751 A, even if it is working fine, I suggest installing this board to save any problems in the future. The money spent on this board doesn't even compare to what I was ready to pay to replace the radio!!!!! Thanks Chris and everyone there.
Date Added: 11/16/2015 by Scott Turner
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