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ICOMPROM ICOM Non-Volatile RAM Module


I own two IC-745's and only learned of PIEXX when surfing ebay and an Icom seller mentioned his IC-745 had the PIEXX modification. So, I had to investigate. I bought two of them. They fit in the radios easily and both radios operate just perfectly. My Icom boards had an itty bitty screw holding the old board in place which was too small to use on the PIEXX board. No problem, the rig won't be going mobile so no need for the itty bitty screw, the two connectors hold the board in place just fine. Service from PIEXX was great. They even did the jumper for my boards so I didn't have to. I had the boards within two days of ordering! Great service! Gary WA0NDN
Date Added: 01/09/2011 by Gary Buda
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